After a combined 28 years in the Care Industry, we began to appreciate that the principles of care which we see as the foundation of the relationship between the Client and the Caregiver are no longer valued. As the care industry becomes monopolised by large Corporate organisations it becomes increasingly difficult to deliver the personal touch.

Therefore, in order to offer a service that provides the high quality of care required by the Client, we decided to establish our own company designed to provide the Client with the opportunity to choose a Caregiver who best matches their requirements.

We ensure that every Caregiver meets the standards we expect through having personally interviewed each Caregiver, checking they have the right to work, have an up-to-date Disclosure and Barring Service Check and validated any references. Our aim is to bring a personal touch back to the Care and Choice process.

We do not expect our Clients and Caregivers to navigate a call centre environment. It is our promise that every Client and Caregiver is managed through the registration or recruitment process with our personal assistance if required.

Lynne Greene and Sally Joll

We believe that giving the Client the opportunity to view a selection of Caregivers who match their needs, rather than being sent a Caregiver who is available, but may not share any personal interest with the Client, fosters a trusting relationship from the very first engagement upon which a mutually beneficial partnership continues to develop.

Our primary objective is to put the needs of the Client and the Caregiver first and through a quality ongoing recruitment process increase the care choice that is available. We hope you share our vision and what it can deliver to you, either as a Client or a Caregiver, and look forward to welcoming you to care as it should be – “the Care and Choice way”.

Our Team

Sharon Cullingford at Care and Choice
Sharon Cullingford
Sue Webb at Care and Choice
Sue Webb
Annalise Forsdike at Care and Choice
Annalisa Forsdike