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I am looking for help - what happens when I register with Care and Choice?

Registering with Care and Choice is easy, but it’s only the first step when it comes to finding a live-in Caregiver. Start by simply filling in the Contact form or call us to discuss your individual requirements.

We will work with you to help you figure out what you need from a Caregiver and what kind of support you might need. Once we’re sure we understand your needs, we can match you with someone who will be the perfect fit, someone who not only has the caring skills you require, but who also has a similar outlook on life and shares some of your interests and passions.

What happens next?

If you have had a live-in care before, you will know what to expect and what to look for. If, however, this is the first time you have considered live-in care, you’ll probably have some questions. We will take the time to answer your questions and help you decide what is important to you.

We know all our Caregivers extremely well and pride ourselves on our ability to match our Clients with their perfect Caregiver.

What happens once we have been introduced to our caregiver?

Your Caregiver will contact you by telephone in the first instance. This is your opportunity to get to know each other and decide if you want to proceed. Care and Choice can help you prepare for this phone conversation by going through a list of suggested questions and helping you to decide what you want from your Caregiver.

What should I discuss with my Caregiver during my introductory call?

There are some specific points that you will need to clarify with your Caregiver during this call, such as how long you want your Caregiver to stay with you, what hours they will need to work and when you want them to start. We also recommend that you find out how they will be travelling to your home and agree the travel costs involved as well as agreeing your Caregiver’s rate of pay.

Is it possible to meet with my Caregiver before they come to stay with me?

By using Care and Choice you can rest assured that we have carried out extensive background checks on our Caregivers, taken up and verified all references and met with each one of them personally, so you don’t have to.

However if you would like to meet your Caregiver prior to the start of your booking – and we fully understand if you do – it will depend on the availability of your desired Caregiver and on their existing work schedule and the distance involved. If your desired caregiver has to travel a significant distance, we recommend that you cover the costs of their journey to meet you.

How can I be assured that I can trust the Caregiver that I have chosen?

Trust is so important. We understand that you are inviting a stranger to live with you in your home and be responsible for your care. We take this very seriously. At Care and Choice, we will only introduce you to the highest quality Caregivers who are best suited to you. We choose them with the utmost care and include extensive background checks before sharing them with you (see Choosing our Caregivers).

What can I expect from my Caregiver?

We will have discussed your individual and personal care requirements when creating your profile and will have shared this with your Caregiver.

Every Caregiver we represent has caring experience and will be able to carry out basic responsibilities like cooking and cleaning. If you specify that you want a Caregiver who will assist you on trips out of the home, you can expect your Caregiver to fulfil that role.

At all times, you can expect your Caregiver to be caring, considerate, polite and professional. We want their presence in your life to put your mind at ease and reassure your family that you are in safe hands.

What will my Caregiver expect from me?

Your Caregiver will have shared your profile and will be aware of the help you need. They would expect any finer details or specific requirements to have been discussed during the introductory call and meeting. Your Caregiver will expect board and lodging which should include their own room, with a comfortable bed and three meals a day.

What can I expect from Care & Choice the agency?

Care and Choice Limited is an introductory agency. We will help you find a suitable Caregiver and arrange an introduction. We will contact you during the time your Caregiver is with you to ensure that you are satisfied with the introduction and introduce an alternative if necessary.

How many hours a day will my Caregiver work?

Caregivers introduced to provide live-in services undertake their role on an unmeasured work basis, managed with a daily average hours agreement (for the purpose of the Working Time Regulations 1998 and the National Minimum Wage Regulations 1999).

Care and Choice will have agreed with you the estimated number of hours the Caregiver will be expected to work in a day. In doing this we can ensure that they receive at least the minimum wage.

We would suggest that you allow your Caregiver a daily rest break of two hours at a mutually agreed time. It is sometimes more convenient for the Client and Caregiver to accrue the time-off hours and take it when family or friends visit. If this is the case the amount of time off in total should equate to 14 hours a week.

One of the main benefits of choosing live-in care is that you have someone on hand to help you when you need it. You’ll have someone living with you who will help you if you fall and call in extra support if it is necessary. As a result, most of our Caregivers will be prepared to get up in the night if you need them, but it is generally assumed that they are there for emergency and security. If you are likely to need 24 hour support for an extended period, we can discuss whether a night sitter might be appropriate.

What happens if I change my mind about my Caregiver before they start with me?

We understand that situations change and there may be circumstances when you will need to cancel your booking. Once you have selected your Caregiver and Care and Choice has confirmed the introduction, you are free to cancel this arrangement 7 days after agreeing the booking. If it is necessary to cancel outside of this period we would discuss with you any cost implications. Generally if we can find an alternative booking for the Caregiver there would be no costs involved. However if we were unable to find alternative work we would request a payment equal to 7 days work for the Caregiver. Situations tend to arise if the Client goes into hospital or if they pass away. In all cases we liaise with both parties to find a mutually agreeable solution.

Please see our Terms and Conditions of Business. For more information.

What happens if I change my mind about my Caregiver when they have already started with me?

If things aren’t working out with your Caregiver during their time with you, please contact Care and Choice and we will be happy to help you find an alternative. Your Caregiver will expect to be paid for any time she has spent with you. Care and Choice will have already sent you an invoice for the introduction, but will be happy to make an adjustment if necessary.

Do I need to take out any special Insurance?

You do not need to take out any special insurance for the period of time that your Caregiver is with you. You should, however, ensure that your normal household contents insurance includes public liability cover. Alternatively specific insurance policies are available for Clients with a live in Caregiver. Professional advice can be obtained from http://www.homecareinsurance.co.uk/direct_care.php

At Care and Choice we recommend that all our Caregivers take out their own Public Liability Insurance. Details of specialist insurance cover available to protect you whilst providing personal care and support to individuals in their own home can be found at:



How much does it cost to register with Care and Choice?

Registration with Care and Choice is free. We will be happy to arrange a courtesy visit to give you the opportunity to meet and discuss your individual requirements.

Caregivers are self employed and are responsible for their own Tax and National Insurance. The daily rate is agreed between the Caregiver and Client and generally is between £85 and £100 a day, depending on the level of care, number of people being cared for in the home and the average daily hours.

Care and Choice charge for each introduction at £100 a week plus VAT. This rate is reduced for our ongoing Clients following an initial 12 week period.

How do I pay my Caregiver?

You will have agreed with Care and Choice and your Caregiver during the introductory call the amount they will expect to be paid and how often. These details will be confirmed on your booking confirmation that we will send once you have advised that you would like to go ahead. Generally Caregivers are paid at the end of the booking and will submit an invoice for you. Some Caregivers may ask to be paid weekly and if this is the case we would ask them to let you know at the initial conversation stage.

We would suggest that you pay your Caregiver by cheque or by direct bank transfer. We would not recommend that you pay them in cash.

How do I pay Care & Choice?

Once you have selected your Caregiver and have agreed to go ahead, Care and Choice will charge for each introduction depending on the length of the booking. As a service, the Care and Choice agency fee is liable for VAT. You can pay this invoice by bank transfer or by cheque.

Are there any extras costs that I should consider?

The Caregivers return travel expenses are met by the Client, this amount should be discussed and agreed with the Caregiver before the booking is confirmed.

Board and lodging – we would ask that the Caregiver has access to her own bedroom with a comfortable bed and space to keep a few clothes while she is with you. A separate bathroom and TV are not necessary, however many Caregivers now request WIFI. We would also ask that the Caregiver is provided with three meals a day during their stay.

Most of our Caregivers will be prepared to get up in the night if you need them, but it is generally assumed that they are there for emergency and security. If you do need help they can make a small extra charge for night calls at £10 a call we suggest these are limited to a maximum of two calls a night to ensure they can work effectively during the day. If further calls are likely we can discuss whether a night sitter might be appropriate.

Caregivers will charge double on a statutory bank holiday.

If your care needs increase, we may have to introduce an alternative Caregiver and their charges may differ.