West Sussex Client
July 20

I wanted to phone but I wasn’t quite sure who to speak to – you have all been so brilliant for Mum and for Ed and me. 

You can imagine that moving Mum from her home has been the hardest thing, but following her trips to hospital 10 days ago and the Home that we liked actually having a vacancy, Ed and I felt that now was the right time.  We can organise things and not have to react to an emergency which would give us no choice. 

I can’t believe it’s finally happening.  Your support and efficiency and kindness over the last 5½ years has been outstanding.  I recommend you wherever I go and as my friends and contacts are finding themselves in similar situations with their parents I always give them your details. 

You have never let Mum down and the carers themselves have been terrific.  

Thank you so very much.

Essex Client
April 20

Jo looked after my Father on numerous occasions, she was always kind, always patient and he loved her sense of humour. Jo could get him to engage both mentally and physically brilliantly, Dad had Alzheimer’s, Dementia and had had a brain stem stroke so engaging wasn’t his strong point as he became increasingly frail. My Father lived at home with me, Jo also fitted into the family of 2 kids, dogs, cats, ducks and a snake. Sadly Dad has now passed but his life was made all the better for having had Jo care for him I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

Kent Client
February 20

It’s a sad time but it is some comfort to us that being able to stay in her own home made such a big difference to Mum in her final years. Many thanks to you and your team for making this possible, it hasn’t always been easy for carers but you and your colleagues in the office have always bee appreciated. Wishing you well as individuals but l also hoping that the business continues to thrive.  Your service in much needed and I’m sure the need will grow.

West Sussex Client
January 20

Dear Lynne, I just wanted to say how marvellous Anne was. She took great care of me and my house and tempted me with tasty dishes when I wasn’t hungry! I cannot fault her in any way and thank you for sending Anne to me.

Berkshire Client
December 19

Thank you very much for your very good service to my mother this year.

Hereford Client
December 19

I have to say enormous thanks to you Lynne and the agency. You have been extraordinary in your care, concern, phone calls, attention to detail and sheer professionalism in a very stressful time – it is much appreciated.

Hampshire Client
October 19

Tony and the family would like to say a very big thank you for the care and friendship that was supplied by Jane. To say that she went the extra mile in what she did for dad would vastly underestimate the standard of care that was given by her.  We can find no fault whatsoever and offer nothing but praise and would also like to thank you for sending us this special person.

Hampshire Client
October 19

Thank you for your efficient and personalised service over the last three years.

West Sussex Client
August 19

Thank you so much for finding such wonderful carers for my mother and her husband for nearly six years. Your assistance has been invaluable and very much appreciated.

Norfolk Client
July 19

It’s been a pleasure dealing with you. Thank you for your quick turn round, I’ll be happy to recommend you in the future.

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