West Sussex Client
July 18

I forgot to thank you for the birthday card.  What attention to detail.  I was touched.

Our Caregiver Suzanne
June 18

Very helpful ladies – thank you.  I really appreciate how efficient, helpful and friendly you all are.

Our Caregiver Lynda
May 18

I want to thank you for the outstanding service, experience and value you have given my Client and myself – it has been second to none.  I have noted a difference between Care and Choice and the other Agency we have been using.

Our Caregiver Phyllis
May 18

You are all very accurate with your work – I can proudly say I am happy to work for this Company.  Your (Care and Choice) staff are a breath of fresh air.  Keep it up with your good work.  As a carer I feel valued by you all and can’t thank you enough.  From a very happy and appreciative Carer.

Yorkshire Client
April 18

I just wanted to say what a marvellous carer Jane is and I am not sure we would have known what to do without her.

West Sussex Client
April 18

With sincere thanks for the service you all give.  Having the carers has made a huge difference to us as a family and it means we can pop in and have outings etc and enjoy all the good bits!

Our Caregiver Rachael
February 18

I can honestly say what a pleasure its been to work with such a helpful empathetic carer, nothing is too much trouble.

Our Caregiver Michelle
January 18

I find Care and Choice a wonderful agency to be affiliated with and appreciate the care you show towards your carers.  Also, your swift professional response in returning calls and emails, as well as your empathy and kindness.

Our Caregiver Beryl
December 17

I just felt a need to tell you all (I mean everyone) how very kind you have all been to me and so understanding.  By comparison to my previous agency, I feel I am not just a number, but a part of a sisterhood of carers who care for each other.

Hampshire Client
August 16

On behalf of the whole family I would like to thank you and all the lovely carers for the tremendous support and friendship they have given Mum since Dad passed away.  Without the support of you and your team, we were having to face up to doing something unpalatable in a hurry to look after Mum and were even considering the possibility of moving her straight into care when she was not ready to move on after losing Dad.  On behalf of the whole Sullivan family thank you.

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