Our Caregiver Beryl
December 17

I just felt a need to tell you all (I mean everyone) how very kind you have all been to me and so understanding.  By comparison to my previous agency, I feel I am not just a number, but a part of a sisterhood of carers who care for each other.

Hampshire Client
August 16

On behalf of the whole family I would like to thank you and all the lovely carers for the tremendous support and friendship they have given Mum since Dad passed away.  Without the support of you and your team, we were having to face up to doing something unpalatable in a hurry to look after Mum and were even considering the possibility of moving her straight into care when she was not ready to move on after losing Dad.  On behalf of the whole Sullivan family thank you.

Kent Client
July 16

I would highly recommend Care and Choice to anyone looking for a carer for their elderly loved one.  Care and Choice have consistently provided helpful and friendly support to all the family, along with wonderful carers for mum, enabling her to stay in the familiarity of her own home for much longer than would otherwise have been possible.

Surrey Client
January 17

Care and Choice has been wonderful and to think if I hadn’t had that conversation with Joseph, before a concert, we might never have known of your existence.

Dorset Client
February 17

You did a wonderful job for Mum, it was just a shame we didn’t find her a more permanent team before she passed away.

Kent Client
June 17

Thank you very much for the sympathy card, following Margaret Jones’ sad death on Sunday.  I thought this gesture was typical of the caring and friendly attitude which you have all shown since I first contact you.  Over the few months I have been in touch with you I have been very impressed by the way you all know your clients and their families and friends by name so well.  I also have to pay tribute, of course, to the quality of the carers you sent to care for Margaret in the final weeks.

West Sussex Client
July 17

You are all so calm, knowledgeable and helpful.  The prompt and caring service that you offer has been a huge support to me, including the fact that I always knew I could get hold of one of you very quickly.

Hampshire Client
March 18

Although Janet leaves today, I would like to say how brilliant she has been for Dad and how helpful her suggestions have been in helping him with his care.

Surrey Client
February 18

For the first time since my father-in-law passed away we’ve been able to relax and have some normality back. We feel like we’ve moved to the best company who fully understand our needs.

London Client
January 18

The service you have provided has been brilliant and I do not know how you have managed to get such lovely carers and that this has enabled my husband to remain at home, with family around him and had a peaceful passing.

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